Falls Like Rain: The Story Behind the Song + Music Video

I think my favorite thing about summer storms is that if you've spent the whole day in air conditioning, you walk outside to FEEL the storm before you even SEE it. You walk outside in the early evening of a summer night to realize big thunderheads have rolled in and settled low in the sky. It's neither dark nor bright, the air is charged with electricity. You look up expecting to see lightning streak across the sky, your ears are perked waiting to hear thunder roll in the distance. It's like everything around you can sense the inevitable - there's a storm on the way.

Throughout our life together, we've known it would be important to prioritize our love for each other. That's not hard to do, as we're VERY in love. However, we've found that prioritizing romance can be tough because it's kind of ambiguous. Well, the feeling of a summer storm is how we're best able to identify the feeling of romance in our own relationship. The anticipation, the electricity, the excitement...all signs of romance.

We wrote this song drawing a comparison between romance and love, and a summer storm. It's one of our very favorite songs we've ever written and I think it always will be. We hope you enjoy!

Whitney Parnell

Hi, I'm Whitney! I love my work as an administrator for Westside Church and The Well Conference. I live in Bend OR, arguably the most beautiful city in America, and I do life with my husband, Corey Parnell and our gorgeous son, Greyson. I am an unofficial advocate for people with ALS as my dad, Steve Stern, fights the horrid disease. I've developed a business called Clarion Personal Management to help authors, speakers and artists manage their events as their virtual executive assistant. I am a pretty fast driver, and my breakfast of choice is biscuits and gravy.