How Our Acoustic Duo Came to Be (Part 2)


So you're back for more, are ya?! Thanks for following our journey, friends! Part 1 of this post got so many reads and such good feedback, and I made the rookie mistake of asking a question without checking to make sure I allowed comments on this blog...*FACE PALM*. Fixed the problem, so get your answers ready to throw my way!

In the last post (HERE) I mentioned how Corey and I are involved in several different musical genres. The amount of bands and groups we've been in since we were 13 years old is VAST. We've had amazing experiences that left us absolutely speechless and amazed, and we've had horrible experiences that left us feeling embarrassed and ashamed. We've played for groups of 10 people in a coffee shop, and crowds of 20,000 in stadiums. Corey's work now fully consists of music, though it's spread across a few different ventures. 

So the question is: what drew us to country music? As I said in Part 1, there's a piece of this acoustic duo that's about our marriage, but we could've chosen French gypsy music and still had a few gigs here and there (maybe). The answer may surprise you.

WE. LOVE. STORIES. Both of us have always listened to a really wide variety of music. We love rock, pop and everything in between and in our opinion, country music has the monopoly on storytelling. Artists like Dolly Parton and Willy Nelson show us cities and scenes we've never visited. Modern artists like Alison Krauss, Chris Stapleton, and Lady Antebellum take us on a journey to emotions we've never felt, (or have felt so strongly that it feels like they're reading our mail).

One surprising and unexpected outcome we've stumbled upon on this country road (ha) is this: 90% of the time when we ask someone if they've listened to much country music, they'll immediately get this faraway look in their eye and say, "Oh, yeah, I grew up on 70's/80's/90's country. My grandpa/dad/uncle/mom/sister used to play it non-stop in their car/barn/kitchen/living room." So, you know what happens when that person is sitting in the crowd and we start playing "The Gambler?" That person is transported back to a time when they were CONNECTED. 

And honestly, creating connection through story-telling and musical moments is what we exist to do in every note we sing: whether through Precious Byrd, church worship music, The Parnell Brothers or through The Parnell's (that's us!), we want to take people back, or send them courageously forward, with a song that tells a good story. That's us at our best. That's what we were made to do.

Hoping you each find an unexpected, magical moment of connection today,

-The Parnell's

Question: if we asked you if you listened to country music, what would your answer be? Do you have a "faraway look in your eye" kind of story? What artist comes to mind? What friend or family member blasted this music into your memories? We want to know!